Ground system at Setra Group

One operator paint’s more than 3 km list per. hour....

Prima-vent A/S has in close cooperation with Setra Group in Skutskär, designed, manufactured and installed a new fully automated coating plant for cunning and exterior siding. The system is very efficient and has a capacity of 3,168 linear meters per. hour. And since the system is fully automated it can be administrated by just one operator.

In line with the rapidly growing demand for primed and painted items, Setra Group assessed that it was time to invest in a corresponding facility. Since the facillitys commissioning, Setra Group now has the abillity to on it's own produce and cover the vast demand for primed and painted items. This avoids having to buy them from a subcontractor and in turn means that they now save expenses on a key part of the fabrication.

Efficiency, reliability and easy operation are all taken into concidaration and are essential when designing the system.  Efficiency is achieved not only with high speeds, but additionally by making sure that the track structure provides the basis for a logistics point giving proper flow throughout the company - this way the handling of materials is minimized.                                                                                                                                               .

Transport ventilator:

The purpose of the transport ventilator is to transport the air/material mixture from the processing machine to a filter system, in which the air is separated from the material by means of a filtration process. The ventilator is fitted with a fully welded steel housing, in which the ventilator wing is located.
The ventilator wing is equipped with self-cleaning blades designed for continuous material transport. The static wing is dynamically balanced during its production at the factory, and it is powered by an electric engine either directly or via belts. Our system components are produced in accordance with the Spiro pipe principle, and the system is easily and quickly assembled by means of nipples and couplers.

Silo and container

Our silo and container systems are made to fit customer needs. If needed, either of these systems may be equipped with an over-pressure filter or a collector. Container systems, which are easily transported for the purpose of emptying them, are available with or without an integrated filter. The containers are available in various designs: without filter, with filter and with return air. The collector is available with or without cone, and a sluice may be installed at the bottom of the collector.                                                                                 .


The conveyor system is a vital component in any efficient finishing system. If you select the right design, as well as the right type of conveyor, you will be able to reduce the size of the system. In addition, the time consumption related to the total finishing process is significantly reduced. Based on many years of experience, Prima-vent possesses the expertise needed to design a conveyor system that fits perfectly into your production plant in order to achieve maximum system utilisation levels.

Room ventilation

Use 100% fresh air from the outside and add no more than 20% thermal energy.
This aggregate features an integrated double cross-flow heat exchanger. The unit secures a heat recovery level of 80%, and the remaining 20% may be added by means of an integrated heating system based on district heating, gas or oil. The aggregates may be positioned indoors or outdoors, depending on individual needs.                                                                 .

Automatic spray booth

In cooperation with our customers and the spray equipment suppliers, we develop the perfect booth that meets all customer needs.

Varnish drying oven

The Prima-vent drying oven is designed for continuous drying of varnished items.
Prima-vent delivers ovens, which are designed to fit customer needs as well as the shape of the conveyor system. The ovens are designed individually for each specific task, and the customer is able to choose between various colours.


Save up to 50% on disposal fees. The process of coagulation involves the separation of dry matters from water with a view to recycling the water and dispose of the dry matters as normal, flammable materials. The coagulation process is achieved by adding an active substance.

Setra Group

At Prima-vent A/S we feel it is important that the system meets our customer's wishes and requirements, however we are accordingy very focused on delivering a dependable solution, which takes into account the work enviroment and current industry standards. It is therefore paramount that we maintain a close relationwith with our customers, so that together we can work towards achieving the best possible solution.

Prima-vent A/S has provided plants for:

Filter system:

Filter systems for every purpose. We offer a variety of filter systems for many different purposes and of many different sizes.                                                                                                   .


Whether you are producing 15 m3 or 150 m3 of wood chips per hour, you will not be able to hear the Prima-vent chain transporter PVR-500. Not only does this chain transporter provide a quiet solution, it also ensures low energy consumption levels and a high level of operational reliability. These parameters are at a much higher level than that of normal air transport. The Redler system has no problem transporting the wood chips either horizontally or vertically. 




The new Prima-vent flow-coat has been developed based on more than 30 years of experience within this market.
Flow-coat systems for impregnation or priming of wooden items. This flow-coat was developed in cooperation with leading window producers and varnish suppliers. The goal of the development process was to achieve a minimum level of fume emission. Large particle size within the liquid, i.e. gentle towards the finish. Easy to handle. And easy to clean.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          .

Spray wall and spray booth

Prima-vent produces, delivers and installs a range of spray/mixing booths. Apart from our standard products, we also produce a range of spray, cleaning and mixing booths that are all made to fit customer needs and wants in order to achieve optimal component utilisation.
Prima-vent offers a long range of spray booth accessories, including an automatic energy saving valve for installation within the aspiration pipe with a view to reducing the amount of air blowing through the unit when no spraying is taking place, e.g. during item exchange. The valve is controlled by means of a spray gun bracket, which is opened up whenever the operator is using the spray gun. This system allows for significant energy savings.

Ground system

Unique construction for small-capacity plants, in which the drying period is controlled by means of an electronic timer depending on the type of varnish and the amounts applied. System width: 800 - 1300 mm.
As an example, moulding and panel systems are utilised for batch production of: External sheathing, mouldings, panels etc.Capacity for external panel 60/80 m/min. Max. item width:
250 mm.

Smoothing tabel and smooting tower

Taking into account that the operator works standing up and not bending over, as is the case when using traditional smoothing tables, the Prima-vent smoothing tower features an ergonomic design.
The smoothing table is available in three standard sizes. The table is varnished and the working height is adjustable.

Spark detection

Fire hazards. During the production process. Within those production systems that involve material transportation, and which are primarily found within the industries of wood, textile and foodstuffs, the aspiration and transport systems make up a fire hazard. As an example, sparks and embers might form within the production machinery or within the material impurities.