Fresh air and a suitable temperature

In 2009, Bakke Auto A/S identified its need for a gas extraction system for extraction of welding fumes and exhaust gases. As Bakke Auto A/S had no ventilation system at all at that time, they took advantage of having a heating and room ventilation system installed at the same time. This decision has led to a better working environment and a more convenient heat distribution throughout the facilities. Bakke Auto A/S used a radiant heating system at the time, but that was disconnected to make way for the new ventilation system, which now works as a heating system as well. All in all, this makes up a good and reliable solution. 

Prima-vent A/S has delivered a sustainable solution that takes the working environment into account to a much larger degree.

In addition, the solution has been constructed in accordance with all current norms published by the Danish Working Environment Authority. 

Prima-vent A/S offers turn-key solutions involving both small and large ventilation systems, and we guarantee the most professional service possible based on many years of experience.

Gas aspiration

Gas aspiration is done by means of hose coils. Hose coils allow for efficient aspiration of gas exhaust from cars, lorries and construction machinery alike.
Standard hose coils are equipped with a suction nozzle featuring a valve; however, it is also available with a special nozzle used for extraction of welding fumes and other special industry tasks.
The Prima-vent hose coils are available in various sizes customised to fulfil the needs of the customer as well as all current legal requirements.

Ventilators / extraction systems

Ventilators may be used directly for aspiration of gas, welding fumes and steam, and if a spark detector and/or a particle collector is fitted, they may also be used for grinding aspiration.
The ventilators are either installed on the roof or on a wall by means of brackets. The Prima-vent ventilator types A1000 - A7000 are especially designed for gas, welding fume and particle aspiration.                                                                                                                           .

Room ventilation

Use 100% fresh air from the outside and add no more than 20% thermal energy.This aggregate features an integrated double cross-flow heat exchanger. The unit secures a heat recovery level of 80%, and the remaining 20% may be added by means of an integrated heating system based on district heating, gas or oil. The aggregates may be positioned indoors or outdoors, depending on individual needs.                                                                         .

Channel ducts and weights

This is a smooth solution for auto gas aspiration in moving vehicles. The carrying aluminium rail, which is also the suction channel, is only fitted with a rubber weatherseal located on the top side of the channel.
Weight (hose mount)
The weight is used in connection with the installation of fixed suction locations. Fixed suction locations is a simple and cheap way of establishing an auto gas aspiration system in a car repair workshop featuring stationary work areas.

Bakke Auto A/S

The ventilation system

Combi aggregate type CA x bv with a nominal capacity of 18,000 m3/h. For injection and heating of renewed air. Integrated heating surface, double cross, exhaust ventilator as well as by-pass valve for cooling down the workshop to the extent that the outside air is colder than the air inside the building.

Prima-vent A/S has provided plants for:

Velding fume and steam aspiration

The Prima-vent suction arms are designed to allow easy handling and provide an energy saving back pressure.
The arm is fitted with gas shock absorbers, and it runs very easily. Several of the arm segments may be turned and flipped, thereby allowing a large work area to be covered. The tip of the arm is fitted with a flexible head that may be adjusted to fit the work area perfectly.                                                                                                                                   .

Central vacuuming system

The Prima-vent central vacuuming system is used as a combined system for material transport and central vacuuming.
This integrated and highly effective vacuum system offers a range of flexible fields of application. It consists of a filter unit, a vacuuming device as well as a hose and pipe system. Prima-vent usually delivers and installs the turn-key solutions; however, the system may also be installed by the customer.

Automobile painting chamber

Usi Italia is one of the most well-known names within the area of car spray booths, and since 1969, this company has been producing and servicing spray booths, which have been continually improved and developed further towards more user-friendliness and higher efficiency levels. In 2003, the company introduced the series "Chronotech", which reduces energy consumption levels and provides a higher level of efficiency by means of advanced PLC steering and a unique "direct flame" burner.

Undercarriage booth

Our spray booth for undercoating offers reversible air currents based on the principle of cross washing. Aspiration and injection is done via a special aggregate. If needed, we deliver the ventilation aggregates with mounted automation panels.                                                                                                                               .