Future-proof through modular lay-out

The Prima-vent chain filter is a filter system for dust and chip aspiration systems, which is specifically designed for use in situations where the amount of air to be filtrated is relatively large and the air contains a lot of particles. The modular construction lay-out of this section allows a future expansion of the filter system without having to change the emptying system.

The filter system is produced with a filter area from 133 m2 to 1,106 m2, it is economical and environmentally friendly, and it is well-suited for filtration of air volumes between 19,000 and 150,000 m3/h.

Process air

The chain filter disposes of the filtered air in one of several ways.

Aspiration of the filtered air to the outside.
Through one return air channel per section, i.e. a direct pipe system from the filter system back to the work place (not allowed in
Denmark). A process air channel leading the return air back into the building through a shared pipe (not allowed in Denmark). As in option number 3. But here, the return air is taken through a heat recycling aggregate. In this way, the heat from the exhausted air is recycled for the purpose of heating up the fresh air.

The return air system carries the following advantages: the exhausted air from within the building is taken back (100% recycling), meaning that no vacuum builds up within the building, and the energy from the exhausted air is not wasted during the cold seasons.

In order to limit the energy loss even further, the external pipes may be insulated.