Power & Free conveyor - types PF1500 and PF80

The Power & Free system consists of two staggered tracks.
The cardan chain, which is fitted with drivers, runs in the top track, and the trolley runs in the lower track. The wagons may be mechanically attached to/detached from the driver on the cardan chain.

The cardan chain runs continuously, and in order to halt a wagon, you need to activate a stop function, which detaches the next wagon from the driver in the chain. The next wagons then drive across to the waiting wagons and are detached from the chain. The wagons are collected within a buffer zone. Once the first trolley is to be used again, the stop function is deactivated, and the next driver will grab hold of the wagon, leave the buffer zone and continue to the next destination. As soon as the trolley has left the stop position, it is closed again, and all the other waiting wagons move up one space in order to make space for another one.

The trolley drives to and from various areas within the system by means of shunting tracks.

The trolley destination is controlled by means of a number of electrical sensors, which are read prior to each shunting track.

The system contains several chain systems that allow the trolley to drive at various speeds within specific areas. This electronic system is based on PLC and PC systems in accordance with customer needs and wants in terms of information and logistics.

Max. load, Pfl500: 250 kg / wagon (2 trolleys)
Max. load, Pf80: 2,000 kg