Developed in cooperation with window producers and varnish suppliers.

The new Prima-vent flow-coat has been developed based on more than 30 years of experience within this market.

Flow-coat systems for impregnation and priming of wooden items. This flow-coat was developed in cooperation with leading window producers and varnish suppliers.

The goal of the development process was to achieve a minimum level of fume emission. Large particle size within the liquid, i.e. gentle towards the finish. Easy to handle. And easy to clean.

Developed based on many years of experience

Anybody, who has worked with flow-coat, knows that flow-coats are both smelly and messy. At Prima-vent, we wanted to do something about that problem and remove these inconveniences.

We did that by utilising a recently developed nozzle and a nozzle pipe that allows the items to be "showered" in a bath with large drops. In this way, the amount of liquid, which is atomised and thus airborne, is minimised, and at the same time it is gentle towards the molecule build-up of the liquid, which adds an extra advantage.

Large and quiet membrane pumps with pulsation dampeners are used to ensure a homogeneous application of the liquid. In this way, neither atomisation, nor smell will form.