The purpose of the transport ventilator is to transport the air/material mixture from the processing machine to a filter system, in which the air is separated from the material by means of a filtration process. The ventilator is fitted with a fully welded steel housing, in which the ventilator wing is located.

The ventilator wing is equipped with self-cleaning blades designed for continuous material transport.
The static wing is dynamically balanced during its production at the factory, and it is powered by an electric engine either directly or via belts. System components are produced in accordance with the Spiro pipe principle, and the system is easily and quickly assembled by means of nipples and couplers.

Directly pulled ventilator - PVT-D

In this ventilator range the ventilator wing is fitted directly onto the engine shaft, which causes the rotation speed of the ventilator wing to be the same as that of the driving engine, i.e. approx. 2,800 rpm. The power level ranges from 0.75 kW to 15 kW.