Save up to 50% on disposal fees
The process of coagulation involves the separation of dry matters from water with a view to recycling the water and dispose of the dry matters as normal, flammable materials.

The coagulation process is obtained by adding an active matter to the wastewater in order to make the dry material sink to the bottom.

Why coagulate?

Usually, paint waste is disposed of by taking it to the local waste deposit/Kommunekemi (a Danish company).
Price per litre: DKK 3.00 – 5.00.

By coagulating your paint waste, you save around 50% on the disposal fee, and it is an environmentally friendly means of waste disposal.
Paint waste coagulation reduces the disposal fee to approx. DKK 1.50 per litre. The water is recycled, and once the paint waste has been turned into dry matters, it may be disposed of as normal flammable material.

System types

We offer two types of systems. One of them (AS 80, AS 160 and AS 200) is used for limited amounts of wastewater for coagulation, i.e. for cleaning paint rollers, paint brushes, spray guns etc.

Used for larger amounts of wastewater, the other type (AC 400 and AC 800) is module-based.
In addition, several other options exist, e.g. recycling the cleaned wastewater in one or more cleaning sections, recycling the water for high pressure cleaning procedures used on larger areas/machinery, or a combination of these.
If you need more capacity than what a AC 800 is able to offer, you may consider adding another tank.