Service team

Our service agreements fit the specific needs of each individual customer. The service agreement includes service checks, repair work, spare parts as well as noise and air measurements.

Our specially equipped service vans cover the entire country, allowing us to provide the following services:

  • Servicecheck: - A written report on our system status.
  • Repair work: - Exchange of worn and damaged parts.
  • Spare parts:  - At special prices.
  • Noise measurements: - We check if the system complies with current regulations.
  • Air measuring: - we check that the system provides the prescribed amount of air.

All this at an agreed and fixed price!

If you have a service agreement with us, and you are in need urgent assistance, we will naturally send someone to assist you as quickly as possible.

Remember! Service checks reduce the risk of unintended and expensive production stops and annoying system malfunctions, and it is always cheaper to prevent problems from happening, than it is to fix them after the damage is done…

Avoid annoying heating and operational malfunctions.