Small and compact

The Prima-vent bag filter system type PVF-SKF is a filter system designed for dust and wood chip aspiration systems for the wood industry. It is particularly well-suited to smaller companies, in which the amount of the wood chips produced, as well as the amount of air to be cleaned, is not very extensive.
The filtered material mixture is stored within the collection bags integrated in the system. These bags must be exchanged on a regular basis. The combination of a filter system and an integrated wood chip collection system in one compact unit makes this type of filter system a very space-saving, economical and cheap solution.

The filter system is available in a variety of sizes featuring a filter area from 20 m2 to 101 m2. The system is economical and environmentally friendly, and it copes with the filtration of air volumes from 2,000 m3/h to 12,000 m2/h.