The Prima-vent steel silo is delivered with a bottom collar, which is mounted onto a sufficiently large and plain existing base or similar.

The silo is delivered in parts with pre-drilled holes in all the elements as well as with bolts. The standard diameter of the silo top is 1,480 mm, and the hole on top of the silo is adjusted to fit the Prima-vent sluice for collectors, unless ordered otherwise.

Explosion hatches

Explosion hatches of the type Brilex are installed in the silo’s top row of elements.

Bottom and covering of the lower part

Silos built for installation of wood chip outfeeder systems are usually fitted with a bottom part. The lower part is covered with galvanised elements. The lower part and the covering is standard.

Silo indicator:

Silo indicator for filling degree registration.

Sprinkler system

Dry firefighting hose with 1½" C-connection and four nozzles. The pipe is located at a suitable height at the bottom of the silo in order for firefighters to be able to connect their hose quickly.


The silo is fitted with a hoop ladder for access to the top of the silo from approx.
2,000 mm above ground. The silo roof is shielded with a rail