Velding fumes

In 2009, Gantech needed a new ventilation system for their new 2,000 m2 production area.

Prima-vent A/S has delivered a sustainable solution that takes energy saving into account to a much larger degree.

This solution involves air renewal up to 3 times an hour, up to 80% heat recovery from the aspirated air, and cleaning of the generated fumes. The system is fitted with special timers that turn the system on and off in accordance with customer needs. Prima-vent A/S offers turn-key solutions involving both small and large ventilation systems, and we guarantee the most professional service possible based on many years of experience.

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Welding fumes

The Prima-vent suction arms are designed to allow easy handling and provide an energy saving back pressure.
The arm is fitted with gas shock absorbers, and it runs very easily. Several of the arm segments may be turned and flipped, thereby allowing a large work area to be covered. The tip of the arm is fitted with a flexible head that may be adjusted to fit the work area perfectly.
More than half of the energy consumption for welding aspiration is often utilised within the welding arm back pressure. Featuring external support arms and a trumpet-shaped head, which leads to the lowest possible level of pressure loss, the Prima-vent suction arm has been designed to provide the lowest possible back pressure.
Often, pressure loss equals noise. Working with low pressure loss levels not only saves energy, it also reduces the noise level of the Prima-vent suction arm.
The Prima-vent suction arm comes with a wall mount.
As an alternative, however, the suction arm may also be installed on a pylon.

Spray booth & spray cabin

Spray / mixing booths for all purposes
Prima-vent produces, delivers and installs a range of spray/mixing booths. Apart from our standard products, we also produce a range of spray, cleaning and mixing booths that are all made to fit customer needs and wants in order to achieve optimal component utilisation.
Prima-vent offers a long range of spray booth accessories, including an automatic energy saving valve for installation within the aspiration pipe with a view to reducing the amount of air blowing through the unit when no spraying is taking place, e.g. during item exchange. The valve is controlled by means of a spray gun bracket, which is opened up whenever the operator is using the spray gun. This system allows for significant energy savings.

Gantech A/S

The ventilation system

Combi aggregate type CA x bv with a nominal capacity of 25,000 m3/h. For injection and heating of renewed air. Integrated heating surface, double cross and exhaust ventilator.

Jumbo filter X22.5 at 15,000 m3/h for cleaning of welding fumes.

Prima-vent A/S has provided plants for:

Cartridge filter:

The Prima-vent central vacuuming system is used as a combined system for material transport and central vacuuming. This integrated and highly effective vacuum system offers a range of flexible fields of application.
It consists of a filter segment with dust / material separation features, a drive segment as well as a suction and pipe system.
The filter system may be fitted with a pre-collector in accordance with the principle of drop chambers. The filtration takes place by means of a compact filter cartridge.
The filter cartridge is automatically cleaned by means of compressed air.
The dust from the filter segment may be moved to a dust drawer. Continuous sluice or a sluice with bigbag.                                                                                                                                     .

Room ventilation

Heat recovery level of 80%
Use 100% fresh air from the outside and add no more than 20% thermal energy.
This aggregate features an integrated double cross-flow heat exchanger. The unit secures a heat recovery level of 80%, and the remaining 20% may be added by means of an integrated heating system based on district heating, gas or oil. The aggregates may be positioned indoors or outdoors, depending on individual needs.                                             .

High pressure systems

Prima-vent central vacuum system is utilized as a combined system for material transport and central vacuum. The integrated highly efficient vacuum system provides many flexible application possibilities. The system consists of a filter unit, a fan, and a piping system for each working area. Prima-vent provides complete solutions with included installation, but it is also possible for customers to install the system themselves with support from Prima-vent.