The TRIPLEX conveyor system has been specifically designed for the purpose of transporting items, which are not the same size or shape, but which are hung up using the same suspension bar.

The system lay-out allows for torque transfer from the suspension bar to the conveyor sections. It consists of two parallel trolley sections at a distance of 400 mm, as well as a chain section. All three sections are joined.

The wagons moving in the two trolley sections are equipped with a turning device and a suspension bar.
The cardan chain, which moves within the chain section, is equipped with drivers in a pitch, allowing the suspension bars to move lengthwise.
Wherever the suspension bar is to be accumulated, a turning unit for a 90 degree automatic turn is installed in order to allow the bar to move across the direction of travel. When accumulating, the pitch is usually at
270 mm.

Max. load, each trolley: 85 kg.