Save energy

The aggregates are made with aluminium frames and 50 mm insulation panels in order to provide the most optimal heat and sound insulation features.

Energy saving ventilators.

Industry-based cross-flow heat exchanger that can handle pressures up to 2,000 Pcal.

The cross-flow heat exchangers require no maintenance, and because they do not involve any type of friction or mechanical components, they are extremely reliable. Using a double cross-flow exchanger, the system increases its level of efficiency with 10% compared to a rotating exchanger.
The cross-flow exchanger also ensures that no short circuits arise around the incoming and outgoing air.

By-pass and recirculation valve.

Prima-vent has its own production facilities, which allow us to carry out special projects in accordance with customer needs.

Heat exchanger

Use 100% fresh air from the outside and add no more than 20% thermal energy.

The aggregates are fitted with double cross-flow heat exchangers. This unit secures a heat recovery level of 80%. The remaining 20% may be added by means of an integrated heating system based on district heating, gas or oil.