The Energo model is kind of in between Chronotech and Master, but it still incorporates USI Italia's own modulating direct fire gas burner model "Air Blue", which saves up to 30% fuel compared to indirect fire heat exchangers.

Advantages of the Air Blue burner:
- 97% heat utilisation from the fuel
- Set temperatures are quickly achieved
- Set temperatures are more stable in direct fire systems
- No heat inertia issues causing temperature differences
- Reduces the drying period up to 35%

Energo is equipped with a USI Italia PLC-based steering unit containing:
- Main switch
- Emergency stop switch
- Light switch
- Engine switch
- Burner switch
- Adjustment of the aspiration speed
- Painting phase switch with indicator light
- Manual flash-off switch with indicator light
- Drying phase switch with indicator light
- Automatic cycle switch (flash-off phase "drying phase", allowing you to select three temperatures and another three temperatures for the cool-down phase)

Energo is also equipped with two low-energy ventilators with "soft start" functions and a frequency transformer for flexible speed adjustment to the air flow during the painting and drying phases.