The high flow vacuum suction station consists of a 2-step high pressure ventilator powered by an electric engine through a belt system. The ventilators and engines are located in a weather-resistant and soundproof safety booth.
The suction station has been developed to remove airborne dust and fumes from their place of origin, e.g. welding fumes, at a high air speed and small air volume. The products are also suitable for aspiration of polishing dust and as vacuuming system for industrial cleaning and similar operations.

Start valve

Prima-vent start valves are used in order to avoid the engine and the belt drive being overloaded during the start-up phase.

Automatic overload function

Along with the start valve, the automatic overload function is used to safeguard the engine against thermal outages in cases where the amounts of air regularly exceed the maximum limit. Click on the folder on high pressure systems – opens as e-paper.