Chronotech is the top model from USI Italia, and the new "DGT" with touchscreen facilitates an even higher level of user-friendliness.

The painting and drying temperatures are easily and quickly selected via the touchscreen, and the integrated industrial computer allows for an unlimited number of work programs to be stored.

Automatic adjustment of air and pressure ensures the right air balance during all work phases - even when the filters begin to clog.

Integrated USB port for software updates.

The integrated GSM modem makes it possible to solve steering problems and deal with program updates without the assistance of a service technician.

Combined with USI Italia's own modulating direct fire gas burner "Air Blue", which saves up to 30% fuel compared to indirect fire heat exchangers, this makes Chronotech one of the most energy saving booths on the market.

Advantages of the Air Blue burner:
- 97% heat utilisation from the fuel
- Set temperatures are quickly achieved
- Set temperatures are more stable in direct fire systems
- No heat inertia issues causing temperature differences
- Reduces the drying period up to 35%