Fully automatic painting system with 3D scanning and robots.

Save over 30% on paint.

At Prima-vent we are now putting forth the finishing touches on the newly developed, leading edge, fully automaticpaining system. Activity is high and the air is full of excitement and expectations in the Pirma-vents test center. At the center technicians are currently testing the newly developed painting system.

The system is a culmination of many years of experience and developed in close dialogue with our customers in the window manufacturing industry. We have in our test center set up a solution consisting of a fully automated painting facility with robots and a complete 3D scanning system for respectively priming and top coating. The system consists further of a power & free conveyor, spray booths and drying oven.

The system will be showcased for customers in Week 5, if you are interested in seeing and hearing more about the facility, please contact Prima wait for an appointment. 

Ejnars Trä - Sweden

Yearly energy saving of around 95,500 kWh.

Prima-vent A/S has designed, produced and installed a complete dust exhaustion plant at Einars Trä in Skillingaryd, Sweden 2011. The plant exists of a filter system with a capacityof 91,392m³/h. The filter has integrated isolated-air-return duct as well as a redler system of approximately 100 meters used for transporting wood chips. The new solution gives Einars Trä a yearly energy saving of around 95,500 kWh.

Setra Group - Sweden

One operator paint’s more than 3 km list per. hour....

Prima-vent A/S has in close cooperation with Setra Group in Skutskär, designed, manufactured and installed a new fully automated coating plant for cunning and exterior siding. The system is very efficient and has a capacity of 3,168 linear meters per. hour. And since the system is fully automated it can be administrated by just one operator.

In line with the rapidly growing demand for primed and painted items, Setra Group assessed that it was time to invest in a corresponding facility. Since the facillitys commissioning, Setra Group now has the abillity to on it's own produce and cover the vast demand for primed and painted items. This avoids having to buy them from a subcontractor and in turn means that they now save expenses on a key part of the fabrication.

Efficiency, reliability and easy operation are all taken into concidaration and are essential when designing the system.  Efficiency is achieved not only with high speeds, but additionally by making sure that the track structure provides the basis for a logistics point giving proper flow throughout the company - this way the handling of materials is minimized.

At Prima-vent A/S we feel it is important that the system meets our customer's wishes and requirements, however we are accordingy very focused on delivering a dependable solution, which takes into account the work enviroment and current industry standards. It is therefore paramount that we maintain a close relationwith with our customers, so that together we can work towards achieving the best possible solution.